How to use Group By in frappe Rest API

Hi everyone

If I keep it short then all I want is that how can I use group_by attr in frappe REST API.

Here is the detail of what I want
I’m using rest API to get data from Job Opening. I have added a child table in Job Opening where I mention the skills that are required for the job. One Job Opening can have multiple skills. But when I use rest API to get the jobs and I search by multiple skills it returns me a job as many times as the skills are found in that job.
For example, if I search for jobs by HTML and CSS skills then it will return me a job twice if that job has both of these skills mentioned in its skills required table.

I know I can use GROUP BY in SQL but how can I pass group_by in REST API?

Hi there,

There is no group_by parameter in the REST API. If you want that behavior, you could create your own whitelisted method