How to use Hyperlink to another website using a custom Field?

I have few documents uploaded in Amazon Workdocs. I want to put the hyperlink to each individual document of Amazon Workdocs.

I want to add a custom field in the Item Doctype.
I want that user open the particular item and then paste the link in that field.
And then I want to show the hyperlink to that document (which user has recently pasted) so that user can just click on that and just visit to the document directly.

Any idea how we can achieve this?

Ruchin Sharma

You can do following to achieve this easily (though it is not an elegant way):

Add a custom Text field, enter all the urls and then make the text field read-only. But every time you want to edit, you need to remove the field from read-only.

Otherwise, you can also use attachments section or comment section to add those links.

Thanks for your input on the same, actually I tried using the attachment section and I got the following error:

Edit: I noticed that, after I attache the link, link got changed:

From this:

To This:

Any idea, what could be the reason?

Ruchin Sharma

‘%23’ is the urlencode [1] code for ‘’#’ character, in normal conditions you will not have any problem with tthat change.

[1] Percent-encoding - Wikipedia

That is fine, but that is not allowing me to open my document stored on that page and gives me the error I show above.

Ruchin Sharma

Aws seems to check the url format somehow :frowning:

I am able to achieve thus using an Attachment Type Field.
Is there any way that, we can show a named link instead of the entire link.
Let say Master File will be the link name and when you click on that link it will take to you the link which is attached behind.

Any idea?

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you can set type attach to your field