How to use Items like Vegetables in POS?

I’m not sure if this’s already answered but I need to use POS for vegetables and items like that.
I don’t know how to add run time barcode-based items in erpnext and I want to scan that barcode from POS.

Any suggestions on it?


Thanks @NCP for your response but my question is different.
I know barcodes are working fine but how to manage an item with a quantity like 250 grams of potato?
When the shopkeeper weighs at the time of sale, their weighing scale generates a barcode with the weight information too.
How do we cover this use case?

The only place I’ve see this feature is POS Awesome (also available on Frappe Cloud Marketplace):

Thanks a lot @levi for your response as I didn’t know it’s in POS Awesome.
But 50$ per month for just a single feature is not justified I think.

Is there any way to implement it in the Standard POS of ERPNext via Custom Script?

If you get a scanner, you could scan the barcode into some custom field (many devices are attached to a computer as if it were a keyboard, so scanning is just typing the numbers), and then use a custom script to extract the weight from the scale’s barcode into the appropriate field of the POS invoice you’re preparing at the sales point.

I’m not a POS Awesome user, but it’s open source. It’s free to use and install. I’m pretty sure the monthly fee is only if you pay for support from the developer

Thanks @Peer for the response.
Is this possible on Frappe cloud? as I can only write client scripts in it.

@levi i know that’s open source but I’m using Frappe Cloud and unable to install POS Awesome on it.

You can connect a scanner (depending on the model) via USB or Bluetooth.
If after scanning it types like a keyboard into the field which has the focus, you should then be able to use it.
It’s easy to try out with any input field, even any editor or so.
Then try to scan one of the weighted items to see how the data looks like (or get it from the manual of the scale).

It should be possible use a client script, because it runs in the browser, where the data is collected before you save or submit to your ERPNext instance.

It will have to separate the data you need from the scanned info and put it into a weight field (it’ll probably also have a timestamp, a scale user code, etc.).

It might also need to set the focus (the active input field) where it’s needed for a fluid workflow, etc., or do some other logging task or so as per your requirements.

All in all, sounds doable.

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POS Awesome is not free in frappe cloud. it is free up to V14 for self hosting.

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Thanks a lot @Peer for your time and great explanation.
It looks doable but the problem is POS screen isn’t a doctype, it’s a page and I think there’s no option to add client script on a page in Frappe, especially on Frappe Cloud.

Do you know the way to add client scripts on pages?

Maybe you should play around a bit with client and server scripts, see if they work at all, how to talk to the fields of the displayed doctypes, of custom fields, etc., you might stumble upon good ideas while doing this.
You’ll find out which types of scripts work and which don’t, how to make them work, if another plan is needed, etc.
It’s hard to tell what you need without knowing your setup, your subscription plan, etc. etc.

flexcomng has done a fork with a V15 branch. No idea if it’s safe to use. I can try it out with version 15 & post experience here.
Has anyone tried this one at all?

Thanks again @Peer for your efforts.
I’m using the FC with v14 and package of 10$

Further, I’ve experience with the Client and Server scripts but the problem is I can’t access pages from client scripts while POS is a page, not doctype.

Thanks @Elkanaaa I’ve checked this and yes it says it has the solution but the problem is, it’s not available on direct sites of Frappe Cloud.

I tried installing it using:
bench get-app branch version-15

Sadly - just gives a blank screen. And:
bench version --format table

| App        | Version | Branch     | Commit  |
| erpnext    | 15.28.0 | version-15 | e99ef57 |
| frappe     | 15.32.0 | version-15 | 6a9b789 |
| posawesome | 6.3.0   | develop    | ca27ea2 |

I also have the same issue in Version 15.

But it is working in Version 14!!