How to use like operator in frappe.db.sql

I have a item_group like 000
Now, I want to use Like Operator in frappe.db.sql
My query is

SELECT tabItem.item_code as “Item Code”, as “Item Name”
FROM tabItem
WHERE tabItem.item_code
LIKE ‘000%%’ ORDER BY name desc limit 1;

Example given in this link for like operator is also not working

I have found the solution, it is working fine as shown in below example.
itcode = frappe.db.sql(“”“select item_code from tabItem where item_code like %s order by created_on desc limit 1"”",“010%”)

The only issue I am facing is it is returning the value

whereas the actual value of item code is 010-000100
What is the solution for it.

Its nested tupple, access it as itcode[0][0].