How to use multiple field to add automatically in title

We would like to add two field in title - Similar to contact Title "[contact name]-[customer name].

Please advise.

You can use an autoname method in your doctype. Like this done for many of them (just set the property).

Here you have an example for account document!

Thank you very much for update.

But, we use subscribed version. We don’t have access to programming (as I

Can we do it using internal customization of Title Field (with some formula
or script)?. Please see below screen shot for Title Field I am referring.

[image: Inline image 1]

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Please check: Adding addtional column in Journal List - #5 by umair

It will not show me for redundant value.
For Ex.
Project Table
projectName → Test
Block → A
Floor → 1
Unit → 1

This is my table and I have added block, floor, unit into search field.
so the actual output is (A 1 1) but it show me (A 1).
I think that it will ignore the redundant value.
if you know anything about this then please let me know.
Thanks in advance.