How to use rounding setting


I need to know what is the goal of the rounding setting and how to use it.

For example, our currency is CLP which does not have cents, that is to say, the number is integer.

Some quotations are made in USD currency. When exchange rate is applied, the amount in CLP normally is a decimal number.

In the quotation page, that decimal number appears in Total Amount field. Below that field, there is other field named Rounding Setting. Should that field be useful in this situation?

Please see the following image for your reference:



This link may give you more information.

Thanks. But I have enabled Rounded Total but this was the effect:


As you see, the quotation currency was rounded. Not the amount in the local currency.

Local currency says “1.970.487,20”. It should be just “1.970.487”.


You can also check the currency table for fraction units and smallest fraction value if it helps you.

Here it is:

It seems it doesn’t help.


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How did you solve this? I am facing the same challenge. What is the correct setting to disable decimals (when there is no fractional currency in the used currency).

@Pawan: The global setting to disable rounding is not applicable here, since we are using a multi-currency setup with other currencies that use decimals.

@bluesky I never hinted or said that the Global setting is applicable to your use case. So kindly avoid unnecessary tagging.

You linked to the global settings in Nov. 19 and I referred to this post. No worries if you don’t have a solution to the problem.

I am not sure if I found a solution 3 years back and I still remember it, neither am I obligated to. However, if you do find something I am sure you would be generous enough to share it here.