How to use select2 for selecting option in dropdown

I want to select more than one option in the dropdown box for which I was thinking to use select2 tool. Can someone please tell me how to use that in the custom script?

you can use Table Multiselect field type for this.

no I can’t use that because it doesn’t meet my requirement.
Actually what I want is, Suppose i have 5 child table and I want to fetch one the field type from all the 5 child table in a dropdown box and then user can select multiple option from there

then create a new custom app… add select2 script and add path in app_js in and create a new html field and use that

@nomi-gee I am new to frappe and erpnext.
If possible, Can you provide any example how can we use select2 here?

Hello, did you find a way to do that?