How to use the new barcode data type

I am currently using version 10 and find that there is now a barcode data type. I am hoping to use this to display/print a code 128 version of the patient id (=customer id) in Healthcare.

However my first efforts result in the following error

Field Type cannot be "Barcode". It should be one of "Attach", "Attach Image", "Button", "Check", "Code", "Color", "Column Break", "Currency", "Data", "Date", "Datetime", "Dynamic Link", "Float", "Geolocation", "HTML", "Image", "Int", "Link", "Long Text", "Password", "Percent", "Read Only", "Section Break", "Select", "Small Text", "Table", "Text", "Text Editor", "Time", "Signature"

It is also unclear what syntax I use to declare the data item that I wish to encode or how to set the code type and dimensions. Can anyone advise?

Hi, Not sure why barcode field can’t be added from customize form. We will add enabling patient barcode as a feature to healthcare.

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Have the same issue any answers yet?

Field Type cannot be “Barcode”. It should be one of “Attach”, “Attach Image”, “Button”, “Check”, “Code”, “Color”, “Column Break”, “Currency”, “Data”, “Date”, “Datetime”, “Dynamic Link”, “Float”, “Geolocation”, “HTML”, “Image”, “Int”, “Link”, “Long Text”, “Password”, “Percent”, “Read Only”, “Section Break”, “Select”, “Small Text”, “Table”, “Text”, “Text Editor”, “Time”, “Signature”

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Was this implemented?

Yes. See Track Items Using Barcode

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No, but I guess you can always add it as suggested by TukerTunali