How to Use the REPORT IRS 1099 Feature

It’s tax time here in the USA and we are responsible for providing the 1099 forms to our suppliers showing the amount paid to applicable suppliers in the last fiscal year. We noticed that there is a IRS 1099 report available but when we tried to print the IRS forms we get an Internal Server Error. We have tried several things but it seems like there is no documentation on this feature. Has anyone used this report and how can we select the suppliers for which to run this forms?

When we click the PRINT IRS 1099 Forms it opens another tab and give us this page as well.

I contributed the feature originally and I would be happy to add some documentation. I’ll do it here first for expediency and then port it over to the official documentation afterwards.

As far as the error goes, please share your Frappe/ ERPNext versions.

Tyler, we are currently running ERPNext: v12.1.8 (version-12) Frappe Framework: v12.0.18 (version-12)

Any update on this? 1099’s are due in a week…

I’m going to need more detail to solve your specific issue, unless its the same as the one I just found:
It looks like the automated creation of the irs_1099 custom field in the Supplier doctype is not working, so that will take some attention and is likely the root cause. Try this first
Because additional output is likely to be confidential, I’ll be in touch with you directly for further debug.

Big shout out to @tmatteson for helping us get this working. Really, really appreciate the extra efforts. The foundation should consider funding a bounty to get this feature built out so that ERPNext can become a suitable option for e-filing 1099 returns. This requires some integrations in order to work with the IRS FIRE (File Information Returns Electronically) System.

Info on this can be found here: