How To Use The Shopping Cart For Online Shopping On website?

Hi Frds,
Please Give The Information About Shopping Cart Used For Online Shopping ,Its Possible For Used For Online Shopping…Or Anybody Have Idea About This …Please Share Ure Knowleadge!!!


Refer following link:-
Frappe Cloud

  1. Enable Shopping Cart first form “Shopping Cart Setting”
  2. Fill all details i.e Company, Territory,Customer group , select Price List as " Standard Selling"
  3. Save these setting
    4.Define Price list for respective item i.e “Item price”
    (For that Go to “Item Price list” form
    -select “price list” as Standard Selling
    -Select Item - ie. XYZ
    enter “Rate” for that item and save form)
  4. go to same “Item master” form i.e open “XYZ” item
  5. scroll down page - There is option “Show in website” - Enable it
    6.Enter details and save form
    7.then you can publish your product on website -
    8.Scroll up page (Item Mater form)
    you can see it displayed like “Published on website at: /products/XYZ” — ‘Product’ is nothing but your “Item group”
  6. click on that link
  7. you can see your item name with its rate then “Add it to cart”

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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@Shraddha Ranjane, Thanks for your feedback, tried your steps successfully.
When i tried to switch to website,required information not coming…(whn i login to website at that time i want to saw my prodct on That page its Possible???) .There Has Only Two
titles : Awesome Products and Awesome Services only coming And no Item s Ther.
…Please suggest how i can make shopping cart Like a Online Shopping Then Its visible On The Login Page…

The above link has moved, currently it is here:

Hopefully that helps someone trying to get the shop working :wink: