How to use Version 13 Query Report filter

I am trying to make some script report form query report.
I can not see the difference between version 12 and 13.
Could let me know how to use it in version 13?
I can use it in version 12 but version 13 looks like offer function to make filter.
I want to use filter without script report development in version 13.

Thank you in advance

I found it.
Here is the screen capture and query.

select as “Company:Link/Company:150”,
jea.account as “Account:Link/Account:300”,
jea.reference_name as “Purchase Invoice:Link/Purchase Invoice:180”,
jea.cost_center as “Cost Center:Link/Cost Center:100”,
sum(jea.debit) as “Debit:Currency:140”,
sum( as “Credit:Currency:140”,
pii.amount - sum( as “Balance:Currency:140”,
pii.expense_account “Expense Account:Link/Account:300”,
pii.service_start_date as “Start Date:Date:140”,
pii.service_end_date as “End Date:Date:140”,
pii.amount as “Issue Amt:Currency:140”
from tabJournal Entry je , tabJournal Entry Account jea ,
tabPurchase Invoice pi , tabPurchase Invoice Item pii
where je.docstatus =1
and = jea.parent
and = pii.parent
and = jea.reference_name
and pii.cost_center = jea.cost_center
and je.voucher_type =‘Deferred Expense’
and jea.account like ‘11112%%’
and = %(company)s
and je.posting_date between %(from_dt)s and %(to_dt)s
group by,
jea.account ,
jea.reference_name ,jea.cost_center