How to verify GST number in erpnext

How to verify GST Number wrong or right in ERPNEXT.

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Please can you explain or elaborate what you mean by wrong or right?


Add the GSTIN in the Address Doctype.

Validations have been set in so the GSTN format is followed.

Can you elaborate more on what verification is required?


You can verify GSTIN form here


what I need to ask is that I need to verify the GST format for the verification in other doctype like it throws error in the address doctype . I need to write a Custom/client side script for the same validation in other doctype.

India Compliance app probably already does it? (does way more than just validating, also autofetches details based on GSTIN)

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Thank you for the response but I need to validate the GST Format through client script to another doctype. And I want the same logic as it is applied on the address doctype as soon as you enter an incorrect format it throws GST format not valid.]

You can refer the following piece of code that does the validation:

This will allow you to start with basic validation on length. You can likewise start writing more complex rules.