How to view Nested Tables data in Customized Doctype

I have a few doctypes and data need to be filtered to one table.

Doctype1: Unit
Doctype2: Unit Employees
Doctype3: Unit Assets
Doctype4: Station

Station and unit is the main doctypes. doctype 2 and 3 are children tables for Unit. So a unit consists of employees and assets. Which in turn a station consists of units.

When i fill in the tables for employees and assets in units how do i list them in a table in station? I have a table in station but have no clue how to pull the information.

Please anyone have ideas on how to solve this ?

Dear Raees,

Do you wish to enter three separate child tables in the Station Doctype? or Do you only want one child table with Few fields from three other doctypes?


Hi thank you for getting back

Uhm in Station i need to show the details of a Unit, which consists of data from the other 2 doctypes(child tables of Unit).