How Update Existing Stock to a Particular Batch?

In my warehouse i have an 100 qty for particular item. In this case how can i update the stock for particular batch??

Sounds like you want to do a Stock Reconciliation

yes, but the existing quantity is 100, after the stock reconciliation, it becomes 200. We need to correct this behaviour to ensure that the new quantity replaces the existing one rather than being added to it.

If you want to update the existing stock batch-wise or serial-wise then you can use Stock Reconciliation, otherwise, you can use the Stock Entry for the martial issue or receipt.

The best method is Stock Reconciliation because It is the process of counting and evaluating stock-in-trade, periodically and at year-end in order to value the total stock for preparing accounting statements. In this process, the actual physical stocks are checked and recorded in the system. The actual stocks and the stock in the system should be in agreement and accurate. If they are not, you can use the Stock Reconciliation tool to reconcile stock balance and value with actuals.

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