How url redirecting works in frappe framework?

In frappe on bench start it takes us to default url localhost:8000.(home/index page.html)

At the very first it starts loading all templates through base.html

I don’t want to customise the base.html, I have a newpage.html in templates folder which should load at the very beginning.

How can I do that?

Please help.Thanks

In website setting, you can enter the Home Page and it will take you that page whenever you go to localhost.

Maa’m Through website setting we can only use default standard pages ,and all of them will be extended from web and base.html files. What I am looking is for fresh newhtml page before loading base.html

In web frameworks like Django we can control redirecting of pages through but for Frappe I couldn’t understand which are kept at different places.

I want to control redirecting of pages outside frappe without disturbing the frappe code.
Please help me.Thanks

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