How we can access vmware from local area network?


I have problem accessing virtual machine of Erpnext from other system of local area network. How i can do this please help.

Share the folder of (Setup of Virual Machine)

1.Start the VM setup
2.check IP address of that machine which you have that VM.
3.then enter IP address of that VM and port no on bowser
For Example:- (here,23 is IP address and 8080 port of VM by default)

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

login the VM machine with root id (default password is erpnext),
run the command “vi /etc/network/interfaces”,
press “insert” and enter the values according to your network ip address (refer the image),
press “escape” and run :wq,
restart the machine,
Open browser and enter the ip address of vm machine with port number 8080 (In my case:,


i have this configuration in my interface, but i dont know how to configure like u @santosh_baburao

Kindly refer below lines:

iface enp0s3 inet static

network, gateway and dns-nameservers vary according to your network

im use NAT type, on network adaptor (VM Running)

im read some topic (on forum discuss) we must use brigde type, that is true or not?


yes, to access locally it should be bridge mode (for me NAT won’t work).

ty @santosh_baburao its solve now,

but, how to solve trusted connection?


you can add a hosts file entry like so:     erp.localhost

Then proceed to access your site from http://erp.localhost [port no. if applicable]


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