How we can get supplier details for a particular item?


Currently we have only one supplier in Item Master.
How can we get all supplier which are selling particular item.

If we want to develop such feature, what is the best way to add supplier detail.
Either we can add child table supplier in Item Master or Item Table in Supplier Master.
This table gets auto updated when we submit purchase Invoice.


Currently you can set a supplier to any Item. If you’re trying to look for suppliers that sell the same item, you can write a SQL query for that.

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I have not checked whether it is possible to link multiple suppliers to an item or not. But as a feature, it is very important, especially in export businesses.

Can you give feature details you need for Export Business?
Fields to be added in supplier wise Item.
Do you need manufacturer?
Purchase History?
Billing Qty?

The following fields IMO are necessary for with reasons-

Supplier Name
Item Name
Category - This will contain category of supplier like retail,wholesale,manufacturer
Supplier Rating - This can be manual as of now but in the future it can be linked to each purchase order which shall be rated. This is necessary to make the system more autonomous.

Purchase history and billing qty will not be a curcial info to select the supplier.