How we can manage branches in erpnext?

Suppose I have a Company (A is head office)
Branches are:
B1, B2, B3, B4
We need to create parent company with child(B1, B2, B3, B4) and also create SO

  1. I am creating SO for A, B company is the customer of A.
  2. How we can manage company based accounting, company based customers and salesperson
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I guess you want to follow these threads:

How many entities do you have? Like how many books of accounts and filings do you have to maintain.

Branches are best managed with Cost Centers, unless you maintain local inventory in branches.



@JayRam thanks for reply.

  1. Manufacturing unit in Indore
  2. We will need below features
    2.1 Company based accounting
    2.2 Company based customers, salesperson

Can you elaborate a bit more please? This is too little information.




  1. Company based accounting: We need to manage separate account, warehouse, separate taxes
    Issue: When we going to buying > Purchase Taxes and Charges Template
    1.1 When we create first company then tax has created automatically for first company,
    1.2 When we create second company then tax is not creating default for second company
  2. Company based customers, salesperson: We need to manage separate customers and salesperson
    In the above image tax and company both are different because tax is automatically created for first company

You have to set up the tax templates separately for subsequent companies. Just duplicate the tax template, change the company name and the account.

When you have multiple companies on the same instance, the companies share the item, supplier and customer masters.

If you don’t want that, you have to get into complicated user access rights management or have a separate instance for the two companies.