How we can use different port for each site?


Default 8000 port is used for running site locally. Can we use 8001 port for one site ??
Please guide how…

Hii @pm23

Change relevant ports in common_site_config.json

And execute

bench setup procfile

Then bench start

I have two sites so can i run that with 8000 and 8001 port respectively???


open terminal run 1st site as normal : bench start open another terminal and run 2nd site : bench --site {sitename} serve --port 8001

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It’s working thanks

@Manav_Mandli basically i was experimenting VS code port forwarding for site where it required localhost site which is accessible after forwarding 8000 port. I was concerned about what if 2 sites i have ? can i forward those with diff port and accessed?
still need to be test…

hii @pm23

I believe it works, you can try it yourself.