How we can use Employee Incentive


I can see a section in payroll with the name Employee Incentive. When I add an Incentive against an employee with payroll date, it does not include in that month’s payslip. Can anyone tell what is the exact purpose of this section and how to use it?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Mirza_Muhammad_Waqar. Currently the Employee Incentive section can only be used to keep a record of the incentive given. The payroll doesn’t fetch any information from the employee incentive section. However, the same can be achieved through the ‘Additional Salary’ in payroll where Incentive can be selected in the Salary Component field.
Hope this helps.

Thanks @michelle for your reply. A little confusion in my mind that what is the difference between incentive and Bonus.

Employee Incentive is usually pre-defined based on certain targets whereas bonuses are usually adhoc. Hope this clears your doubt.