How we connect exists app hooks with new apps hooks file?

I am unable connect new hook file

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Did you install the new app?
Refer to Bench Commands Cheatsheet for the relevant commands.

@Sagar_Vora Thanks for reply
Yes I have installed . But I am unable connect link with new hooks file?

What do you want to achieve? What have you coded in

We need to write custom code for search feature .
hooks file in:

  1. fixtures = [“Custom Field”,“Custom Script”]
  2. override_whitelisted_methods = {“frappe.desk.doctype.event.event.get_events”: “library_management.event.get_events”
  • Check if the app is installed by searching for App Installer in the awesome bar on your site.
  • Check if is in the correct path: frappe-bench/apps/yourappname/yourappname/
  • Make sure you have not numbered the entries in like above.
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@Sagar_Vora Yes, I had taken example.
I had already follow above step , still hooks file is not working
Can you share you skype name ?

bench clear-cache && bench restart

still not working :frowning:
can you share your email ?

I have created a custom item filter category wise on sales order page
for item selection. But we are facing issue refresh page. Suppose I
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