How we do tax on tax in ERP next

Here is the example

Sales amount - 10,000

TAX 1 @ 2% - 200

Total - 10,200
TAX 2 @ 15 %- 1,530

Grand Total - 11,730

Can we do this for sales invoice?

Hi @Sanath_Arachchcige

In order to apply tax on tax you will have to do the following configuration in the tax table
In the first row, select Type as On Net Total and add tax amount as 2%
In second row, select Type: On Previous Amount in the Tax table, expand the row, in the field Reference Row # add 1, enter tax % as 15%

Refer the documentation on setting up taxes Setting Up Taxes, refer to the Calculation Type section in particular

Hope this helps

What are we put to reference Raw?

Check my answer

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It is raw 1