HR dynamic Leave entitlement

Hi There,

I have been trying for the V11 with the new HR leave entitlement setup.
At the moment, it only able to maintain the static day of leave entitlement base on the length of service.

If the employee start to fall under category of the 24 to 60 months service, the system will not able to auto update the leave entitlement from 12 to 14. (Refer screenshot)

Anyway this can be handle at V11 ? Or maybe consider in new V12 ?


Workaround for v11.
You may create Leave types like this
Is Carry Forward = True

Leave Type Applicable after working days Maximum Leaves Allowed
L1 0 12
L2 731 2
L3 1825 4

So effectively for anyone who will have 65 months of service will have 12 + 2+ 4 = 18 Days Leave.

Thanks Shah for your proposal. I think this workaround is fine !

Solution closed :slight_smile: