HR Leave Balance Issue

I saw the same topic. But I still found the same issue that the leave balance did not update even after approval.

This seems to be working fine in the test account. Can you please check the Total leaves allocated for the employee.

Total Allocation is 10
but it is still 10 after approved 2.5.

You are referring leave balance before application. This is calculated while creation of leave application. Once form gets submitted it’s not changing as name indicates it is Leave Balance Before Application

So create a new application to know latest leave balance.

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HI sangram,
I created a new application and approved but Privilege leave taken is 0 and privilege leave balance is still 10.
Nothing was changed. Is there anything I missed?

I found there is a status connection problem.
I filtered with the status ‘Approved’ but the list does not show up.
Is there any way to solve the problem?

I found that the status looks like approved but actual status is not updated at workflow. Is there any way to update the status which has already confirmed?

I’m also having this issue. Has any one been able to find a solution? Seems the status is not changing to approved by workflow

@tundebabzy Hello bro sorry for tagging you directly but could you help take a look at this issue? seems to have been on for quite some time and no one has picked it up.

Ok. Please open an issue on github and tag me. I’ll investigate

@tundebabzy i opened one already bro but i didn’t tag you. I will edit it now. I am checking through right now and my hunch tells me this is the error:

Like i’ve mentioned before i’m a novice so i can’t be sure but could i be right?

@tundebabzy Hi, sorry for the bother. Just wanted to find out if you’ve been able to take a look at the issue. Thanks.

I haven’t received any alert. Maybe you can just put the link to the issue on this thread

@tundebabzy Oh maybe i didn’t tag you properly. Here’s the link to the Github request:


@olamide_shodunke Hi, here are screenshots of the issue. First is Employee leave application for 10 Days approved. Employee had 10 Days prior to this application:

Then employee attempts to apply again and still has 10 days left:

And here’s the leave balance report for sample employee and all empoyees:

I’ve checked everything i can think of and i can’t find any issue with the configuration.

I cannot seem to replicate this in any of my companies.

Can you show me the settings for the leave type “Privilege”?


Same here

@olamide_shodunke @tundebabzy Thanks for looking into this issue. Here’s the settings for the leave type as requested.


Please see my reply on github. Are you sure that the leave allocation has not changed?

@tundebabzy The leave allocation has not changed. Leaves allocated to employee before application was 10 days. Employee applied for 10 days leave and was subsequently approved. However, when employee goes back to leave application, it still shows that employee has 10 days leave. I have all these as screenshots in my earlier post. See below screenshot for actual employee’s allocation: