HR- Need help for create HR employees

We will build small-mid company and I’m HR manager
I need a help to illustrate all functions of HR module , How to create employee account ? How to link employees with their permissions. H

  • Note: I’m beginner for erpnext
    Thank you

follow some steps

  1. Go to “Setup” module
  2. Go to “User” doc type
  3. Enter Details and save form
  4. Scroll down to same page, Assign “Employee” role to user form

Now, Go to “HR” module
1.Go to “Employee” doc type
2.Select “User Id” (which was created)
3. Fill employee form and save.
4.Respective ‘Employee account’ not get created.

For Permission,
1.Go to “Setup” module
2. Users and Permissions → Doc type is available i.e Role permission manager,User permission
3. go to Doc type and set permission to employee

For extra information refer following link…
Frappe Cloud (in that refer, No 12 . Human Resource Management)

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.