HR Reminder customization

Hello community,

I was wondering is there a way to customize the reminders for birthdays and anniversary in the HR Settings?
I want to send a customize email only to the employee whose birthday we are celebrating rather than the all of them.


Hi @Zeeshan_Baig,

That for, you have to customize the below method according to the scenario.

Do I have to copy the above code snippet and paste it? Or do I need to customize it? And how can I customize the message which is being sent automatically by the HR module? and I guess it sends the celebration message to all the employees how to limit it to a single employee.

Hi @Zeeshan_Baig,

Provided reference is the default code currently running in the system. However, if you want to set the scenario to specific needs, you must first create a custom app and then override the functionality according to your requirements.