HRM Biometric Machine Integration

Dear Community,
As discussed before,we are trying to customize HRMS Module with Biometric Machine Linkage and currently implemented for 2 companies with more than 1000 Employees and currently it is working fine,we are interested to make it into core,for that even we are ready to organize code sprint,if people interested we can conduct a code sprint in our Chennai Office.


@hereabdulla I am happy to help

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Very interested in this feature

@hereabdulla. Which brand machines are you testing. We have created a macro that reads information of the Zk Teco reports and converts it to ERPNext format. This file is then uploaded manually to create salaries.

I am very interested in your solution. Thank you.

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Hi @Muzzy i am so interested in ur zk teco solution can u share it with us.


@Muzzy I am also interested in ur zk teco solution :smile:


Hi guys thank for the interest. I wont call it an integration but more of a stop-gap solution. The time attendance devices have xls reports which can be massaged using a Macro to get ERPNext HR format report.
Step 1. Employee to be scheduled for work in T&A system.
Step 2 Employee checks-in at X hour and checks-out Y.
Step 3 Daily/Weekly/Monthly report is pulled from T&A system.
Step 4 Use macro to create a ERPNext HR attendance report by writing rules in an xls macro
Example of rules can be based on client requirement
daily check-in check-out difference => 9 hours is present.
Check-in 15 minutes or more after schedule work time is absent and so-on.

Once the HR staff has this report it just needs to be uploaded in to HR module and let system calculate salary. ZK has a corporate solution (paid) for more than 1 device which give better reports. We created this on free version as we weren’t aware of the paid corporate software at that time.

Would be happy to help if you need the macro. PM me your email ID. But I can hazard a guess that folks on this forum can do much better than what we did with our limited knowledge.

Looks good Muzzy, this macro you wrote in excel VBA?.

you can upload file here and people who want’s to use can access from here.

also if you can share the exact report from ZK which can be converted. that’ll be nice.


Hi. Sure. Hopefully tomorrow will do it.

@Muzzy Could you share the macro you wrote?

It will vary helpful for all of us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Apologies folks, was very busy last few days. Tried uploading the excel macro here but its not allowed. PM your email ID to share it. @adnan yes its written in VBA and no its not written by me. A friend helped out.
FYI @Mohammed_Redha

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Hi. I was pointed to this Python library for Zk integration. Idea is to bypass ZK software and get time in time out directly into ERPNext. Write all rules inside the erp and process timesheet. Maybe some community members can leverage on this script to build ERPNext compatible.

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Hi @Muzzy, i was testing your Macro file. it looks good but i’m missing the template which we need to provide as the source document.

appreciate if you can share it.


Hi the source is the excel file from your device. It has all check-in & check out information. The macro will use that information to create a file that can be uploaded on ERPNext as time sheets. You would need to write rules for salary payment in Salary structure.

Thanks @Muzzy
there are multiple reports available in Device that’s why i’m confused which file need to upload. if you can share the template or columns or snapshot of that report, that will be very helpful.

regarding the salary structure in ERP it’s already updated.


hi @Muzzy

appreciate if you can share the source file from device.

there are number of format’s available to generate. but your excel file will accept only a specific format. appreciate if you can share the template.


Hi. The macro needs the report which is made only after check in and out based on work schedule. We ised this report format to create macro. Would be better if you get hold of someone who is good with VB to enhance it further. I used an external service provider for creating this file.

Hi Muzzy.
can you please share the Macro file on

Hi @afzal . It was developed on V9. Not sure if it will work on V11. Let me know if you still need it.