HRMS Features Needed

Hi, We need clarity on 3 different things below. Request any suggestions if anyone has done something similar.

  1. Break Shift - When a person in that shift works for 5 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the night on the same day. Atypical to hospitality industry

  2. Flexible Week Offs - Where a team can change week offs based on roster. Atypical of BPO industry

  3. HRMS Mobile App - Can login be created through user ID instead of using email ids. Applicable to any industry where not all users have email IDs

Hi @Priya_Majumdar,

Please raise the feature-request issue on HRMS.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP feature request raised

hi can i ask for your assistance please

with shift management in erpnext

the question i have is how do i apply days off to a shift. if a worker has a morning shift Monday to Sunday. and has tuesday off and friday off. how do i apply these off days to the shift so that it shows on the shift assignment calendar

can anyone please guide me

weekly off is not showing on calendar erpnext 14 when shift is assigned