HRMS installation in ERPNext 15.15.0 Docker breaks ERPNext

Ubuntu server v22.04.4 LTS
Installed ERPNext v15.15.0 into Docker using the current pwd.yml file from the git repo. Command I used is: docker compose -p pwd -f pwd.yml up -d. This all works fine & creates an accessible & workable ERPNext stack.

Installing the HRMS module unfortunately breaks the installation & renders it to a point where the login screen is askew & login does not function. I utilized this process to install the HRMS app after installing the ERPNext 15.15.0 stack

frontend container:
docker exec -it /bin/bash
cd …/apps bench get-app hrms
cd …/sites bench --site frontend install-app hrms
bench migrate --skip-failing

Once all the frontend installation was complete, perform the same routine using the backend container. After the installation in the backend is complete, restart the ERPNext stack.

I have completed this (3) times & all with the same result. Ideas to correct what is showing below for the login page?

Build custom image with additional apps

Thanks for the pointer.

Got any solution? Please help in case you have found a solution

I pretty much gave up with Docker. If I were 30 years younger, I had more patience then & everything was much easier to understand. I went back to running ERPNext as a straight installed Ubuntu version without Docker.