HTML and Code Field In Doctype

I have created a doctype containing HTML field . Now I want to print contents of another HTML file. I am not able to understand the flow of HTML and Code Field. Can anyone explain , how these two fields are used in doctype? and how I can display HTML content in the html doctype field.

Perhaps field of type Text Editor will be more suitable. It will allow you to enter values in the HTML format, and render it in a readable format in a form. For instance, check Terma and Condition field in the sales and purchase transactions.

Thanks @umair :slight_smile:

Hi @akash_jadav,

HTML fields are used to display dynamically generated html content.
Refer below link -
frappe/user.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub
(Roles are added in user form in HTML field.)

Code fields are mainly used to show code traceback.
Refer - frappe/ at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub (Error Log doctype)

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Thanks @suyash . It clear the concept in mind. :grin: