HTML codes in Translation List

Hello, can you help me translate HTML codes in Translation List?
Example code:

<b>Steps to add a new ..... Form:</b><br>
<br><b>1 -</b> Select ...... to evaluate.<br>
<br><b>2 -</b> Choose which process of ......... you want to evaluate. (Material or Service) <br>
<br><b>3 -</b> Select the evaluation date.<br>
<br><b>4 -</b> If you have any comments regarding the ..........., enter them.<br>
<br><b>5 -</b> Conduct your evaluation. <br>
<br><b>6 -</b> Save the form. <br>

@eatlc you have to use jinja for translatable text. follow this first line
<b>{{_("Steps to add a new")}} ..... {{_('Form')}}:</b><br>
so basically every translatable text you use this {{_(‘’)}}
later open translation add a new . and write every phrase you wrote in jinja for example :slight_smile:

write every phrase in a new translation page

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I tried, it didn’t work. Could it be because I’m using version 14

@eatlc it works using v14

This is how it appears on the form

@eatlc where are you writing the html code? share a screenshot ?

In html field on my Doctype