HTML field as formatted description is not translatable

There are a lot of HTML fields with long formatted texts as options in relevant doctypes, these long texts is merely displayed as a kind of working instruction, but unfortunately per current design these HTML fields’ option is not translatable because on one hand in, docfield field type HTML is not included in the to-be translated source text , on the other hand the HTML JS control does not handle the translation too.

    def get_messages_from_doctype(name):
    	"""Extract all translatable messages for a doctype. Includes labels, Python code,
    	Javascript code, html templates"""
    	messages = []
    	meta = frappe.get_meta(name)

    	messages = [, meta.module]

    	if meta.description:

    	# translations of field labels, description and options
    	for d in meta.get("fields"):
    		messages.extend([d.label, d.description])

    		if d.fieldtype=='Select' and d.options:
    			options = d.options.split('\n')
    			if not "icon" in options[0]:

    	# translations of roles
    	for d in meta.get("permissions"):
    		if d.role:

I am wondering how other non English community members handle the translation of HTML options like below

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