Html report for query report

Hi ERPNEXT community,

I have been using version 12 of ERPNEXT for a while and I have a custom app that I made some reports, mostly query reports that include html file to print those reports.

But once I have updated to the latest version of the ERPNEXT and FRAPPE, the html reports are broken.

The reports are generated and can be viewed fine, but when I click on print, the data in all the columns are just blank. At first I thought it was the problems with my own custom app, but after testing between version 12.12 and version 12.15, I believe it could be a bug.

The interesting thing is that this only happens with query report. For script report, the html works just fine. I am not sure if the syntax for getting data have changed, i.e. data[i][“Field Name”]

Anyone facing the same problem?