HTTP POST to Custom Doctype XML Body

Hi All. I am working on a project that I could use some help with. I have searched for a while and tried different methods to get this done and I am out of ideas, Please help.

Here is the brake down on what I am trying to do. It is a simple OMS (Order Management System). Customer Sends order (I have the XML Template) → API HTTP POST Request with XML Payload → Frappe Endpoint → New Document (New Order) → Return 200 Code.

Items I have completed.

  1. I have a custom Doctype setup with all the Key Information I am looking to store.
  2. I am able to create new documents via the API call with sending JSON Body Data.

Items I have Tried:

  1. I have tried to use an XML to JSON Converter via AWS API Gateway and a Lambda script to covert the XML to json and then do the API call to my Frappe App. Almost working.

I am looking to see if this can be done natively in Frappe without having to use a step process like above. Or if the conversion can happen in Frappe via a Mapping of some sort.

Thank you for your time.