Human Resource Attendance

Hi ,
I just want the datetime to be shown depends on button check .
I’ve tried to write the condition (eval:doc.log_type==‘in’) in depends on field but it didn’t work.
Can you just help me to do it right now ,

please provide more details on your issue, screenshots, use case, context etc would help in providing a solution by community members

I want the date time be shown when the employee check (‘in’) .
and the date time be read only.


In the standard Doctype, however, the current date/time is set by default. You do not need to set is based on time of the button click. Check the screenshot below.

Also, if you integrate it with the biometric device, you do not have to create manual checkins. The system will automatically create checkins based on biometric attendance logs.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much
Here it will appear either the time of entry or exit only
But I want the entry time and exit time to appear on the same page based on log type.
When the employee is chosen log type "in " the time of entry appears and when choose log type “out” the time of exit appears.
so the time of entry or exit appears depends to log out .
I hope you know what i need .


You can select the Log Type as IN/OUT. For example,

Log type: IN

Log type: OUT

If you go to the employee Checkin list view, and if you filter the Time, you will get all checkins for that particular day.

Hope this helps.

Dear ,
I want the log in and out time be shown in the same page.
I added another field named it exit time , and i want it to be appear depends on log type
so , in custom doc-type in field 'depend on ’ i wrote eval:doc.log_type == “out”
but it didn’t work.

Try,‘1’ or‘0’
in depends on of entry_time or exit-time fields(if created).