Human Resources: Appraisal Vs To Do assignment

I am dropping another feature i feel the above topic should work.
My Argument:
The ToDo feature which is a brilliant tool for efficiency tracking and productivity, really has no link to appraisal of the staffer. Competence nd performance is really tied around task and evaluated.
Lets take a team of 5, 4 members and 1 team lead. They meet on a monday to have their depts meeting, in the course of the meeting, roadmap of what to be achieved for the week is set.
The current way it works is the appraisal template is set with some terms or name which would now be scored. A mail is sent from the system to employees( now to the team members) to staye what they have done for the day.
Their responses would be via mail and captured by daily work summary, but how will it be evaluated by the team lead who gives or generates report to the Head of the department,?
He has to go thru the daily work summary information first, then to the appraisal sheet to now score on different titles as entered in the appraisal template. This is already stressful for the Team lead, how much more if he has like 10staffers in his team.
My opinion: Rather than using appraisal templates, ToDo assigned should be captured automatically and rated using configured settings.
What i mean by this is on monday morning, the members were given 4 tasks each, assigned to each of them by the team lead or they capture it themselves.
Once that is done and saved, the appraisal sheet captures those entries( HR dept users or managers should have the right to see this aspect) with fieleds like Assigned by, Assigned to, Description of assignment( Mandatory), start Date, Due or end date, Status ( Started, Progress, Half way, Almost Done, Completed) meaning that each of these status has a 20% mark of work done.
Appraisal: if Date is due and the work is at ‚Äúprogress level‚ÄĚ the person gets a 40% work score, if at Almost done, the person gets 80%,and so on.
With these, HR dept can generate staffers evaluated performance with ease for each weak, month, quarter, bi annual and yearly and for any number bcos its automatically calculated and rated. The quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly performance rating as decided by the managment could bring about rewards, recommendation for training or off.

This suggestion can be finetuned to make it more polished if there is any.
Thank you

I think we need a report that says how many todos are getting closed every month. Can you start a new GitHub issue for this (or update one if it exists?)

Thanks for the response. Your suggestion is also great.
However, how will it be graded and aligned with the appraisal sheet and scores?
Thats very important… For evaluation of staffers

Hello Mehta,

Hope you have been well.

I had a presentation on ErpNext on Thurs­day,28th September,2­017 and although they loved the app, the­re were somethings they pointed that i have raised in the gi­thub as well as disc­ussed with Arundhati.

The company has a se­asoned HR executive who has been in the HR system for over 20 years at local and international level. What were the conc­erns when we got to HR modules?

  • Employee details good, but where do you capture items given to him, when he co¬≠llected them, state at which he collected them and when he returns them. If the tool is withdrawn fr¬≠om him and given to someone else or repl¬≠aced etc, how or whe¬≠re is it captured and the likes?
    It was an issue to them. According to him, its a standard HR practise across st­andard organisation and i had discussed this with Arundhati before even this pre­sentation that the feature is important.

  • Appraisal: They eq¬≠ually pointed out th¬≠at our appraisal pat¬≠tern is not robust; they cited Peachtree HR system as an ins¬≠tance, which allows staffers to appraise their work, then th¬≠eir bosses appraise them and then HR can present results dur¬≠ing mgt meeting to give a summary report of all staffers per¬≠formance with the re¬≠sult.

Now, i believe stron­gly that Erpnext has a good HR system St­ructure, however, the appraisal system doesnt have a proper flow of appraisal fr­om staffer to head of unit and to HR giv­ing recommendations as per Appraisals se­en from HODs.
This again i raised at github, saying the structure should be revisited. ErpNext has ToDo doctype, if the doctype can be referenced to appr­aisal as a link such that for every task assigned, it is cap­tured under item for appraisal, then if task is completed and closed, there is a set point for diffe­rent level of stages like Open = 0, prog­ress = 1, etc, howev­er, i would prefer using the below cases:

  1. The number of ta­sk assigned is autom­atically calculated as 100 percent, as each stage is closed the percentage achie­ved increases.
  2. Each task assign­ed can have subtasks, those subtasks sho­uld also be rated in such a way that when it is completed, it give the sum of the parent task that was subdivided.

Thirdly, in addition to Appraisal above, we know that each staffer has a job des­cription, there isnt any job description field in ErpNext HR.
There are expectati­ons from this employ­ed staffer, those ex­pectations field has to be captured too and evaluated or app­raised to know if the person is

  1. Competent
  2. Imcompetent
  3. Recommended for training.
    These can only be done via appraisals.

Kindly consider these in your plan for next version.
I am open to skype discussion if need be or whatsapp discus­sion.

I am a loyal fan of ErpNext and am ready to contibute ideas to bring it to numb­er 1 software known in the world.


We are working on this.

I agree, we need a better todo report!

That can easily be done with a custom field!

Again you can easily track that. Will be great if you can update / add relevant issues on GitHub with screenshots etc so that we get a better idea of how to do things.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hello Mehta,

Is it possible to have a skype voice discussion with you?

I presented ERPNext to the organisation where i work, they liked the application and its features, however, company policy hindered their signup.
It fall under the ‚ÄúConflict of Interest‚ÄĚ section of their policy, so i was told they cant patronise me.

Why i want us to havea chat ia because i was involved in another company’s presentation and although they are not as robust as our own ERP, ther HR aspect is really rich, thos was what i was mentioning when i dropped those features in the github.

The chairman of the company is highly interested in HR to empower and track performances,evaluation, promotion etc.

Its based on this i want to have a chat with you, voice talk so that we can share my views.

Let me know when would be convenient for you, though am available now if you are.