Human Resources: Attendance Sheet timing

Hello Guys,
Attendance is a key aspect of staff control and in order to keep this in check, companies have started the deployment of smart cards to auto track time in and out times.
ERPnext has succeeded in getting this done in a simpler way by having the attendance tool.
However, i have an issue with the way its timing is done which is " Present, Absent, Half day". Thia does not handle time in and out as seen in signing registers.
I suggest that actual time in should be captured maybe a caliberation of time that can be selected. Most organisation allows 15 - 20mins lateness which i think erpnext should allow managent set what time lateness start to count… So if resumption time is 8:00am then during settings, lateness time can be set as 8:20am.if anyone is captured outside the 8:20am timeline, remark would state late.
Now the system should also recognise that there are staffers whose resumption time differ drom general employees, so there should also be a placeto set resumption time for “special employees”, another name can be given to it.

So a better way of capturing this on the system is after the staffer has signed the attendance register, he can use the attendance tool to mark himself.Upon doing that after logging on, if it exceeds the 8:20am time, he is prompted with lateness, but with a reason field. At the end of business, HR can take the register and view the time in from the register with a summary list report of attendance for that day. HR has could hav the right to accept reason for coming late, but once the list is" submitted", the time entries are captured and whatever fee is charged for late coming would be calculated and at the ens of the month automatically placed under deduction unit of the payroll.

I am open to clarifications on this

Request you to create a github feature suggestion for this with a mockup and explaining the use case.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Hello Arundhati,

Thanks for the mail.

I have created it at github, but i dont know if its under feature suggestions.

How can i make it a feature suggestion?

I also created 2 others for HR as discussed earlier with you on skype, but none has been read or assigned.

Well, i may not understand how the selection is done, but i know they are strong features that should be in

More suggestions to come.

Erpnext must come to number 1, i identify with the platform

I have done that, although i didnt select it as feature suggestion. So how do i make that selection?