I am facing an issue in HR doctype(Leave application period)

Hi Everyone,
I am new to ERPNext While going through HR Module,I am facing an issue on leave application
ISSUE:: I cant able to apply leave for next month while i am in this month only can anyone please help me in the coding part how to solve this

Example : On NOVember 1st i need to apply leave through snapHr in this month(OCTOBER) only, but i am geeting popup like “Application period cannot be outside leave allocation period”

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When you allocated leave, you probably used a period and this leave application is before the start date of the leave allocation period.

Just change the start date of your leave allocation transaction or allocate leave separately for that period.



Hi sir,

 did I need any customization in standard code according to my req..

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@JayRam I have seen many users doing this error… They allocate the leave days for a period and when the leave is on either in a different day or month…
This could be the problem with him…