I am getting spammed from India

Over the last few days, I have received a number of solicitations in emails from a “web manager from India” offering services. These are all from gmail accounts, and google hasn’t caught them. Does this have anything to do with registering on this forum? Have you sold the list of forum registrants? Have you been hacked?

I can confirm we don’t sell information - private or otherwise.

If we’ve been hacked, I think you are special. We have been spared the solicitations.

Is it possible that the person got hold of your email ID from other sources?

I mean I like your incisive, analytical thinking, but even Sherlock Holmes has been plenty wrong with his conclusions. Especially the ones he arrived at very hastily. :slight_smile:

But we will check if we got hacked definitely, because its better to assume that we got hacked and be wrong about it than the other way round.

Thanks for registering, BTW. We always strive to keep your information private and confidential!




Jay -

Thank you for the quick response. This forum is my only connection to India, so it was my first guess - just curious - not accusing. My email address can be obtained from any number of sources.


  • Joe

Those emails are pretty standard. If you have a website, or domain name registered under your email.
I get 1-2 a day.

I get about 15-20 a week. I have web developers that work for me, and I must tell them that about 15-20 Times a week. It’s easy for them to get your email from Whois records. All they need to do is look up random sites to see if the domains are registered and then perform a Whois request