I am trying to Open a Party name field inside child table of Journal Entry

Inside Journal Entry >>>> Customize >>>> Child Table >>>> Journal Entry Account

Party field is there which shows Party Code.
Below this field I want to open a Party Name field. How to achieve this?

Now this will depend on the selected party type. If it was Customer/Supplier… it was easy. Now I am stuck.

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you can create a new field in journal entry and get the data ( Customer Name ) on selection of the customer code.

Ex. item_code.item_name

customer.customer_name in ( Customisation Form )

The catch here is… there is Party type Field where we select if its a customer, supplier, Employee , etc.

Then Party Field is there where the records are filtered according to the selected Party Type.

There I want to open the field called Party Name. It can be customer, supplier, employee, etc depending upon the party type.
So the Provided solution will not work.