I am trying to recreate the Tally Invoice in ERPNext. How to access Tax Breakup in Jinja?

I have mostly completed the print layout. I was migrating my business from Tally to ERPNext, and it is best to keep the disruptions to a minimum. So, we decided to recreate the Tally format.
I haven’t found a way to access get_itemised_tax_breakup_data from Jinja though. I have a Frappe Cloud instance, so not really editing the code manually. I can see that the data is used in the default “GST Tax Invoice” template, so hoping it is accessible from Jinja as well. Not very experienced with Python/Jinja, so I apologise if this is too basic. Thanks in advance!

Just updating:
Ended doing inspect(frappe) and was able to see the contents of doc in form_dict.
Ended up using {{ doc.other_charges_calculation }} to get the preformatted table. Just customising it with CSS then. Getting raw data would have been amazing, but having this is great too. Thanks to India Compliance team too!