I am trying to use Helpdesk on Postgres enabled Frappe

I am trying to install helpdesk while using Postgres. It errors out with the reason smallint=boolean invalid operator. I am assuming this is because helpdesk app is not yet supporting postgres, anything I can do to enable this? Eg does changing all True/False to 1/0 in the code base help us. I know we need a better plan but want to understand if this is the core reason.

Since Helpdesk was split off from ERPNext, which only supports MariaDB as the DBMS, it’s likely Helpdesk also only supports MariaDB.

There are likely quite a few other issues besides just the Boolean issue you mention. There are probably a bunch of other scripts and queries that would need to be refactored, with other syntax changes.

Do you have a business requirement for PostgreSQL vs. MariaDB?