I bricked the bench

I wanted to restart the bench so I killed /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/supervisord

(because for some bizarre reason there is no bench stop command)

Now the entire bench is bricked. I cant even ssh to it anymore.

What is going on here? All I wanted to do was get rid of the old bench folder and start a new one, but that is not possible because the directories stay locked because those processes always run and you cant stop them.

I am doing something wrong here.


It may help to say the hosting environment, maybe someone can offer suggestions.

sudo supervisorctl restart all; might work

Thanks for the help!

That looks like it could work.

What would be the password when doing the sudo? I am new to this bench development environment.

Turns out you can Deactivate & Activate the site, but no joy:

The password is whatever you set it to when you created/installed the system