I can send from Gmail account but I can't receive


I have set up my Gmail account correctly with ERPNext, now I can Quotations, Invoices, …etc from my Gmail account, but I can not receive any email in the TapCommunication DocType, although the Inbox is linked in my user account.
please how can I troubleshoot the email problems in ERPNext?

Hi @mr-elamin,

Please check in Email Account in ERPNext which you set, and if not Enable Incoming then Enable it and then check it.

Then Reload and try it.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for the answer,
but I found the problem on the IMAP More detail, I have to choose the folder INBOX to get the Email landed to my inbox, I was appending the email to the Lead only without the INBOX folder.
please see the secreenshot. adding the line No. 1 has solved the problem.

thanks alot :slight_smile: