I cannot access Print Formats as an Administrator

I am having problems trying to access Print Formats as Administrator user.

No Print Formats appears when I go to the list of Print Formats (do not have any filter applied to the list). If I access any Print Format through the URL, it takes me to that Print Format with all fields in read-only mode.

If I access any Print Format with another user with permission for Print Formats, that user can access them without problems, and when I accessed the list of Print Formats with that user, there was a message at the bottom with a lock icon saying Doctype = Production Order, and only the Print Format for Doctype Production Order appears.

I have seen the permissions for the Administrator user and it seems that I have all the necessary permissions to see and manipulate Print Formats.

You probably want to avoid this nor I have tried the ‘save and restore permissions’, but depending on your case it is an option Bench reset-perms fix