I cannot change previously saved journal entry related to stock account


Please check what is the issue and how we can resolve this error showing in Journal Entry.
**I made a journal entry with a debit to Stock account and saved it - then later try to change the debit account but still showing below error :

Account: Office Equipment can only be updated via Stock Transactions

I tried to reload the page, log-out and log-in again but same issue - i cannot change it.

Please check the account type. Usually you are getting this message because the account type is stock. You can remove the same and pass the jv if required.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes, initially I added a stock account which is the Office Equipment (debit) and Payable account (credit) then saved only, not even posted. After that, I was trying to change that account to an expense account , bur the error message shows. I was changing the entry to an Expense account (Debit) and Payable account (credit)