I can't fetch data from doctype in frappe ui

I am trying to fetch data from doctype as like frappe ui documentation. But I get an error. How can I solve it?

Error Screenshot:

Code screenshot:

@nagariahussain @netchampfaris Please help me…

Solution is

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Raise a question in my mind, why frappe ui documentation use todos.fetch()

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Good catch, there was no fetch method on listResource. Added fetch as alias to resource (PR) as it is has better readability.

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Is it possible to edit this line in frappe ui documentation. I think, many people will do the same mistake.

And in discuss, there is no category about frappe ui. Is it possible to create this topic?

Updating docs isn’t required now.

But if in future you want to contribute some edit, the docs are in the source code itself.

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Sure, we can do this.

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