I can't find a way to bulk add a word to existing items' names

i already have a list of around 1400 items , and i just want to “add” a letter or a word to their current names. I can’t find the option to “add” to the name that the items already have

Have you tried the data import feature? Or is that not nerdy enough for you? :slight_smile:



Using import feature , will also need to change this in the excel sheet and do the import , it’s a long and slow process… i only need to do the following change to 1400 items …
1- existing item name uploaded as 1234, 2234, 3234, 4234 … and so on
2- “add” to the above item name letters MC so as to be MC 1234, MC 2234 … and so on
i.e. only add letters “MC” to the item name . if i apply a bulk edit, the edit does not give the option to keep part of the existing name and add to it as required.

A web search like ‘excel prepend text to cell’ should give you howto clues here!

Although it is possibly irresponsible to even suggest this, if you have SQL skills available, you could just do a direct table edit?

In Excel use =concatenate("MC ",ItemNameCell) and copy and paste it across the entire column. Now, paste special and paste just the text. Import! Jeez! What are you agonizing over this for?

Unless you’re talking about item code in which case use rename tool.

Hope this helps.



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thanks for that. yes am talking about the item code. i shall do it this way, as i don’t have the SQL skills to do that change in database … cheers