I can't find the modules

Hello everyone,

I just installed ERPNext in an Ubuntu server and for some reason my interface looks completely different to what I see in Youtube videos.

This is what I get when I log in as administrator:

This is what I see in Youtube:

What Am I missing?
I followed this installation steps:

Thanks in advance

Ok, there are missing steps.

The solution was, after Step 6

bench get-app erpnext https://github.com/frappe/erpnext.git 6

and then

bench --site <site_name> install-app erpnext

The version in the videos on Youtube ranges from v1 to version v12, currently what you have installed is version 13 and the reason you are not able to see any modules is because you have only installed Frappe Framework, you need to install the ERPNext Application as well.

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