I can't import new records

I can’t import new records in Asset doctype. but every column is correct. and I Start importing it is usual that erpnext doesn’t tell me when it is successful while it is uploading the new records even if it does. my main issue is I can’t import specifically Asset doctype. any suggestions?.

Hi Riri,

Welcome to ERPNext and here’s hoping you have an awesome experience with ERPNext and here on the community.

The Data Import tool is a little temperamental and whimsical and there are derived fields that become mandatory.

What I do when I am trying out a new feature/document for the first time is that I make one record using the web interface and while doing that, I get better feeedback in terms of error messages that I can fix easier than while using the import tool.

Then I download the data template including data and I try to complete the import template based on the data for the record that I made an entry for.

The other thing I do is that I use Data Import Legacy tool, as I have been able to make that work better for me.

Hope this helps.



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Hi jay,

Thanks for your email.

I already did all the things you suggested. But nothings seems to work. It just won’t import the data. I inserted one data using web interface …then i exported the templated with its data and prepared the document based on the previous data.

hey jay, thankyou the data import legacy seems to work.